Vertical practice this coming Tuesday, 1 May — LOCATION CHANGE!

Now that the weekend is almost over, and you are back at home, reminiscing of the fun things that happened this weekend, and thinking of the upcoming plans for the rest of the year, think of this, have you been itching to get on rope? Do you have any upcoming amazing caving trips and you want your technique to be flawless when crossing rebelays and climbing on rope? Or do you happen to be in town and you have a chance to visit some caving friends and catch up?
Well, then, in that case, you are in luck! Because we will be holding our monthly vertical practice this coming Tuesday, 1 May. I know, I know, it’s the international labor day, which is traditionally celebrated by not doing any labor, but hey, we are cavers, that’s how we roll!
PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE IN LOCATION FOR THIS PRACTICE ONLY! Our kind hosts will be Marguerite and Jock Williams. You can arrive anytime after 6:30 pm, we will have some dinner and immediately after we will have some fun on rope.
Dinner is “modified potluck style,” where you bring your own main dish and also bring a small appetizer, side dish or dessert to share. We will have a grill ready for your heat-processing you food, if needed.
Please bring a helmet and a headlamp, and a jacket, since we will be practicing outdoors. If you don’t have yet a helmet or headlamp, we will have a couple of extras. Bring your vertical gear if you have it, and if not, we will also have a couple of extras for you.
The address is:
2350 Perich Court Mountain View, CA 94040
See y’all soon!
– Fofo