There’s so much to learn about caves. Whether it’s on conservation, preservation, geology, fault zones, or people, we strive to share what we know with you.

Explore Caving

Come visit a grotto meeting and get signed up for a trip. Monthly trips to caves for both beginners and long time cavers focus on our core values of conservation, exploration, preservation, and the protection of caves. All are welcome.

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Vertical Practice

A monthly Vertical Practice/Potluck is usually held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at rotating locations in San Francisco and San Jose. Call or email beforehand to confirm the location and time. Everyone is invited to come to practice his/her vertical skills and/or socialize. Please bring your own main course and something to share with others. Other Vertical Practices are planned, which will be announced. Check the calendar for the most up to date information.

Caver Happy Hour

Join us at happy hour! Bring photos and regale us, over a beer, with stories of your latest caving adventures or ask about how to get into caving in California and meet some fun people. If you have photos to share of a recent caving trip, bring a URL, USB drive or a laptop and we’ll show them on the big screen.

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