Issues for the 2012 Congress of Grottos


Here is the current list of issues that will be discussed at the Congress of Grottos during the NSS Convention.

As you know, in this congress the issues are discussed as grottos, not as each individual present at the meeting, so it’s important that our delegate(s) knows where we, as SFBC, stand in these issues.

If you have any comments or questions, or if you think that the SFBC should submit a motion, you can reach Alan, Gail McCoy, Ray Beach, Gale Beach, Jim Lakner or me:

Ray and Gale Beach:
Jim Lakner:

Take care,

– Fofo



The Southeastern Regional Association of the NSS moves:

All NSS publications that are scanned and made available online shall only be for NSS members and made available for printing.


The Baltimore Grotto moves:

Newsletters shall be stored on an archival storage system.

Background: Old newsletters are mimeographed and are becoming unreadable. Others may be deteriorating. If those are preserved, they could be put on the NSS website in the future for research and reader enjoyment. Cave locations would need to be redacted before posting.


The Battlefield Area Troglodyte Society (BATS) Grotto moves:

The NSS shall institute a grotto development program as described below.

Goal: To strengthen individual grottos, the NSS grotto system, and the positive effect that grottos have on the world of caves and caving.

Purpose: To provide a structure that encourages grottos to strive to improve their effectiveness and value to cavers, caves, the caving community, and the public, and for the NSS and its members to be able to recognize outstanding grottos. Background: Chief complaints from new visitors to grottos, whether existing or potential NSS members, concern the poor reception they received upon visiting a grotto, the lack of training and programs offered, the difficulty in being invited on caving trips, and encountering a cliquish culture within a grotto, thus indicating a lack of openness to newcomers. Additionally, regions have had a difficult time persuading grottos to host regional meetings and participate in projects and in finding individuals to volunteer for various jobs. This proposed Grotto Development Program is an effort to provide grottos with guidance in ways they might change their culture and practices to help the grotto grow and thrive, contribute to the overall caving community, and promote the future of caving and the NSS.

Details about this plan can be found here:

Click to access BATS_Motion_for_2012_COG.pdf


Dean Wiseman, NSS PR Chair has requested time to talk with the Congress.