SFBC Membership

Membership Categories

  • Regular Member
    • Must be an NSS member
    • Voting privileges in grotto elections and region meetings
    • An electronic subscription to the monthly SFBC Newsletter, which includes regular information on upcoming cave trips
    • Regular Western Region Membership in the NSS Western Region and subscription to the quarterly California Caver newsletter
    • Access to SFBC Wiki of Caves and other online resources including newsletters archives (Xappian PDF Search Engine) and recorded presentations given at Grotto Meetings
    • Priority participation in grotto expeditions, cave trips, and activities.
    • Eligible to apply for the SFBC Trip Fund
    • Eligible to hold office
  • Family Member: defined as person living in same residential address, same as regular member, but the household will receive only one printed newsletter, eligible to hold office if NSS member, Family (if NSS member) or Subscriber/Family Membership in Western Region
  • Associate Member: no NSS membership, otherwise same as a regular member, cannot hold office, Subscriber Western Region Membership
  • Honorary Member: lifetime membership bestowed upon those who have made great contributions to SFBC
  • Partner Member: a member of another grotto, no voting privileges, will receive SFBC Newsletter and access to SFBC online resources

Everyone is welcome to participate in grotto expeditions, cave trips, and activities, but in certain situations, SFBC members may get priority.

Membership Options


Regular membership (e-newsletter)$20
Paper newsletter (optional)$10
WR through another grotto-$10
Prorated if joining after July 1-$5
Per family member$1