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Cave Safety

Sketching and Surveying 101
Created in 2000. Cave survey technologies have advanced, but the general principles are the same and the info for sketching is still highly pertinent.

National Speleological Society (NSS)
Our parent organization. Contains links to grottos in your area, and information on all things about caves and caving.

Western Region
An association of NSS grottos in California, Nevada, and Southern Oregon which promotes cave conservation, the scientific study of caves, exploration, and speleoeducation.

Other Grottos and Friends of the SFBC
Links to other grottos, focusing on the western side of the United States. For a list of every grotto, visit the NSS website.

Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group
You’re a little further north? The Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group covers caving in western Canada, focusing on Vancouver Island. There are also links to other caving groups in western Canada. This is a great starting point for Canadian cavers!

NSS Cave Diving Section
Diving in caves requires special equipment and training. Learn about this dangerous, yet rewarding, combination of caving and diving here.

The Cave Page
Considered by some to be one of the most complete caving pages on the Web, this page by Sherry Mayo is based in Australia but covers issues relating to cavers from all over the world. A must visit! Be sure to check out Sherry’s “links” section for a ton of useful caving links!

California State Parks Service
The home page for the California State Parks Service. Get the inside track on our state parks!

California and Federal Caving Laws, Plus Laws in Other States
If you’re a California caver, you must read this information! We also provide links to other sites on the Web where you can find legal information in your state.

CavePics Homepage
Gems of the Golden State : The 15 best caves to visit in California is richly illustrated with nearly seventy top quality photographs by life SFBC members, Peter and Ann Bosted, who have been photographing California’s finest caves for over two decades.


General Conservation 

California Bat Conservation Fund
The California Bat Conservation Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of bats. Their philosophy is one of education, rehabilitation of injured and orphaned bats, and cooperation with other conservation efforts.

North American Bat Conservation Partnership
An organization of Bat Conservation International dedicted to “promote more effective protection of bats and their habitats through collaboration of bat researchers, private organizations and foundations, corporations, and government agencies in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.” While there, be sure to visit their closed cave list and the archives of their newsletter, BATS Magazine.

Discovery Online : Bat Hangouts

National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC)

What do you do if you get injured or lost in a cave? Who do you call if you can’t get yourself out? Well, noone because you’re stuck in a cave. But your friends and family should have access to this information in case of an emergency. Every member of your group should also know who to contact if the unthinkable happens. The NCRC contains information critical for all cavers to know. For more specific regional information, try one of the links below:

Self Rescue Group

San Bernardino County Cave Rescue Team

NSS Cave Conservation and Management

Cave Bolting and Climbing Issues

Cave Research Foundation
The Cave Research Foundation (CRF)coordinates research efforts and expeditions. The local branch of the CRF covers the Sequoia and Kings Canyon Cave Management and Lava Beds Research Center. An unofficial official Pacific CRF site is also available with some really great information!

Karst Waters Institute

Center for Cave and Karst Studies
Run by a group of twenty professors, specializing in all topics cave related, this organization studies karst related issues, particularly involving caves. If your interested in the scientific side of caving, they also offer classes.

Caving Gear

Bob & Bob: Cavers Serving Cavers
The largest US supplier of caving equipment. Browse and order online.
mailing address:
P.O. Box 441
Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901

Inner Mountain Outfitters
Online catalogue for caving, climbing, and rescue gear. You can order securely online or have them send you a printed catalogue.
mailing address:
5715 Lee-Jackson Highway
Greenville, Virginia 24440-1852
(540) 377-2690

Howie’s Harnesses
Custom sewn gear for climbing, caving, and rescue. Online catalogue and ordering.
mailing address:
P.O. Box 205
Dry Fork, West Virginia 26263
(304) 227-2675

Karst Sports
Climbing, caving, and rescue equipment. Online catalogue and ordering. Free shipping.
mailing address:
PO Box 555/RT 1 Box 184
Shinnston, West Virginia 26431
(800) 734-2851

Hitch ‘n’ Hike
Online catalogue and ordering.

On Rope 1, Inc.
“…for the serious rope user” definitely. Everything you need for going vertical in a cave, including complete rope climbing systems. They customize harnesses,
bags and systems. “If [they] don’t have… [they’ll] make it.” Print out the order form and mail/fax it to them or you can call it in.
mailing address:
6313 Jan Lane Drive
Harrison, Tennessee 37341
(423) 344-4716

Dragon Caving Gear
Online UK company featuring caving (including cave diving), climbing, surveying, and rescue gear, along with caving books, videos, etc.
Browser their catalogue, but you can’t order from them direclty.

Bat Products
6 Tucker Street
Wells, Somerset
+44 1749 676771

Federal Agencies

NPS Cave and Karst Resources.