Trip Fund

March 10, 2014


SFBC Trip Fund


  1. Introduction
    1. The SFBC Trip fund was established in 2014 through the generosity of members of the SFBC Grotto. The SFBC Trip Fund is an endowment fund.
      1. Member donations would be placed into the endowment portion of the fund, earning interest
      2. Matching funds, interest, and member specific dollar amounts are available for meritorious expenditures.
    2. The SFBC Trip Fund has three (3) broad goals:
      1. to facilitate grotto led caving trips
      2. to form partnerships to study, to protect, and to preserve cave resources and karst areas; and
      3. to promote the long-term conservation of caves and karst ecosystems
  2. Rules and Regulations
    1. The Executive committee administers the SFBC Trip Fund.
    2. Applicants to the SFBC Trip Fund must submit a formal application to the exec committee and must follow the proper procedures in place to obtain funding.
    3. The Treasurer of the SFBC Grotto conducts deliberations of the Trip Fund via email, telephone, and/or direct verbal conversation and reports the results to the executive committee.
    4. Direct contributors to the SFBC Trip Fund must recuse himself/herself in the event of a real or apparent conflict of interest.
  3. Application Rules
    1. Applications must submit a brief written proposal requesting funds and a justification for the expenditure. All items must be filled out.
    2. Applicants must announce the trip to the grotto via the following:
      1. SFBC Email User List (Yahoo Group)
      2. SFBC Email and Paper Newsletter (send email to newsletter editor)
      3. SFBC Grotto meeting (in person or send request to Chair to announce)
    3. Written Proposal Template
      1. Name: (Trip Leader)
      2. Trip Date
      3. Cave Name
      4. Trip Participant Max Count
      5. Funding amount requested
  4. Funding requirements
    1. Trip participants (any or all) to provide a Grotto presentation to be given at the monthly members meeting. 15-30min
    2. Trip participants (any or all) to provide a newsletter cave trip article for the grotto monthly newsletter (to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor).
      1. 5 pictures with cave participants
    3. Synopsis summary of the cave with description/observation of any items related to cave conservation and/or related. eg. bats seen, graffiti, garbage, etc.
      1. Possibly uploaded to wiki or sent to wiki manager
    4. A copy of all receipts itemized to show total cost amounting to the fund amount requested.
  5. Reimbursement
    1. Once all funding requirements are met, the Treasurer will reimburse the applicant and file the receipts for record.