National Speleological Society

National Speleological Society (NSS)
Our parent organization. Contains links to grottos in your area, information on all things about caves and caving, and volunteer opportunities with the NSS. For more specific regional information, try one of the links below:

NSS Events

Western Region
An association of NSS grottos in California, Nevada, and Southern Oregon which promotes cave conservation, the scientific study of caves, exploration, and speleoeducation. SFBC is part of the Western Region and by joining SFBC you automatically get Western Region membership as well.

NSS Cave Diving Section
Diving in caves requires special equipment and training. Learn about this dangerous, yet rewarding, combination of caving and diving here.

NSS Cave Conservation and Management

Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group
You’re a little further north? The Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group covers caving in western Canada, focusing on Vancouver Island. There are also links to other caving groups in western Canada. This is a great starting point for Canadian cavers!

Other Grottos and Friends of the SFBC
Links to other grottos, focusing on California. For a list of every grotto, visit the NSS website.