SFBC 2012 Trip Calendar

Thank you to all who made it to the January 2012 Trip Planning meeting. We had a wonderful dinner by our amazing hosts and enjoyed a timely meeting with lots of trips planned for 2012!

The updated calendar can be viewed here:

The username and password is the same for 2011 as of now. However, in February/March, this will change! So please renew with our Treasurer or hit up this PDF file here:

In the future, we will try to incorporate an online registration/renewal feature using Paypal where you can join using your credit card over the internet.

Lastly, if you are savvy and want to incorporate the SFBC Calendar into your google calendar, members are welcome to add chair.sfbc@gmail.com to their calendars. I will cross-check with the members roster and add you accordingly. (This is subject to change so no guarantees)