What will be discussed at the upcoming Western Region meeting


These are the business items that are listed for the upcoming Western
Region meeting and a very brief summary. Please check them out, and you
can let Peri Frantz know your opinions or concerns, since she will be
representing the grotto at the meeting.

Thank you!

– Fofo


*** Old Business
– New Melones Reservoir Project
The park wants a document with all the cave locations. Maintaining the
locations protected should be the highest priority. The Western Region
was to have a meeting with the park.

– Providence Mountains State Recreation Area MOU

– Possible Merger of the Western Region and the Northwest Caving
Association (NCA)
The Northwest Caving Association was going to evaluate merging with the
Western Region. If they decide to do so, the Western Region should
explore the proposal and decide if it’s beneficial to the region.

– Bylaws Updates
The current bylaws need an update, and Neil Marchington worked on them,
taking into account the NSS IO requirements.

– Name of the Publication
It was proposed that the name “The California Caver” doesn’t adequately
represent the region. But some people consider that the name “The
California Caver” carries historic significance and it should be kept.
Possible new names are being requested.

– Life Member Category
It was proposed to establish a “life” membership category for the region.

– Quorum Updates
For a meeting to be official it needs to have a quorum, and a simple
majority is needed.

– SFBC Hosting BOG Meeting
Peri Frantz is looking for people to help with organizing the meeting,
and she would like people from across the region attending the meeting
not just from the Bay area.

– Membership Drive

*** New Business
– Revision to the Region’s NCRC Scholarship

– Matching donation to the NSS Headquarters

– Wilderness First Aid Course

– Nominations for Next Region Officers
Elections for offices will be held at the Regional. If you would like to
be nominated, please let us know!