Annoucement: January 2012 Planning Meeting

Hi Everyone, as the meeting comes closer and the weekend draws near, I have a bit of a homework for grotto members for the upcoming trip planning meeting as well as a special request. (This is what you get for rolling me into office…HOMEWORK)

1) Please list all the caves you are interested in going to in California (or abroad!) Caves you have been to and caves you have never been to are great. This is your chance to speak up on caves you wish to explore, conserve, map, survey, sleep in, you name it! – Write on paper and bring to meeting.

2) State at the meeting whether or not you’re willing to lead trips along with which trip/cave you’d like to lead. We’re in need of some hardcore, bad@$$, Metal Gear Solid leaders to lead Type 2 fun caves trips that rival those during the Heltsley administration. (cheap stab I know…)

Special Request: Does anyone have a projector I can use for my laptop at this meeting? I’d like to project the trip calendar as well as a spreadsheet of the caves + trips for all to see. We used to use a big white board (which I have and can bring) but I feel a laptop with projector would be most useful. Please email me if you have one that I can use for the meeting!

Transparent Administration:
– MLG Grotto Calendar was sent to me (thank you) and I updated the SFBC Calendar to include it
– Waiting for CRF calendar which will most likely be sent Saturday and updated on the calendar before Tues
– Diablo Grotto will have their trip planning on the Thursday after our meeting thus we will share our calendar with them should they want to plan around our trips
– Beta run of blog/news announcement wordpress to be integrated with the website eventually at ( I’ll be working with Kelley on something to put the two together.

Thanks and I look forward to having a fun and productive meeting!