Future of Monthly Members Meetings: Important Update!

Hi, all! I hope you all had a great holiday and New Years and have been holding out through the storms. Based on member feedback, SFBC execs have some exciting announcements about the future of our monthly members meetings going forward.
Starting this month on January 24th, our meetings will be moving to *HYBRID* form. We will have a physical meeting location at *Movement Belmont*, located at 100 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002, while also keeping a zoom option with an AV setup in our meeting room, the link of which will continue being sent out to the mailing list a few days beforehand. In order to fit in the gym’s schedule, we will also be *changing our meeting time to be 8:30-10pm* .
In addition, we will begin having a *monthly optional dinner *within walking distance of Movement Belmont before our members meetings, *starting at 7pm*. Each month a week or so beforehand, an RSVP form will be sent out to sign up for the dinner. Around 8pm people can migrate over to the gym where we will have a table set up to recruit new members until our meeting room opens up at 8:30.
We know these are some big changes! We will treat this as a trial period, see how things go, and can always adjust accordingly. If you have feedback, please send it over to us at execs@sfbaycaving.org.
Best, Boof, on behalf of the SFBC execs