February Vertical Practice

Update! Ho-ho-howdy!

The latest forecast calls for 100% chance of rain around 6 pm, going
down to 50% around midnight.

We will still hold the vertical practice, but most probably (unless when
I show up the skies are clear) it will be indoors. Unfortunately indoors
there is only one anchor and we can only set one rope, so depending on how many people show it, it can get crowded. We will start getting on rope as soon as possible to give a chance to everyone.

See you tonight!


Yup, 2012 is marching on and it’s now time for the second vertical
practice of the year. Please join us tomorrow for an evening full of
excitement and camaraderie, all while hanging from thin Nylon strands above an abyss (note: objects may not be drawn to scale). Sounds like fun? Of course it does!

Our kind hosts will be Bill and Peri Frantz, please join us at their
estate in Los Gatos:

16345 Englewood Ave,Los Gatos, CA.

On Google maps: http://tinyurl.com/3bqjg2o

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You can arrive any time after 6:30. The grill will be expecting you in
case you brought something for it. Please bring your own main dish, and a small side dish or dessert to share.

After dinner we’ll get on rope and you can practice to your heart’s content.