SFBC Training Signup Forms

To gauge if there is significant interest in offering trainings for SFBC members and non-members, the grotto has decided to poll the group by providing a simple survey to our members. Please fill out the survey to indicate your interest in cave-related training programs.

Trip Leader Training

Interested in becoming a trip leader? Want to start leading trips to caves that you have been to? The trip leader training is just for you! It will cover topics such as emergencies, how to be cognizant of the team, and how to communicate to your fellow cavers. The trip leader training is essential for any caver looking to take the next step in their caving.


Project Work Training

Those that are interested in surveying, producing maps from survey data, draw pretty stuff that are almost artistic in nature, cave cleaning, and promote conservation would benefit from attending training sessions that teach you these skills. Cave survey and maps give you the ability to draw data and help out on work trips. It also gives you a sense of PURPOSE when caving. Those that are artistic, would love to draw cave maps since they’re just awesome to look at and stare for hours on end. Cave cleaning? Ever hate crawling into a cave filled with graffiti or broken glass? Here’s your chance to shine and lead trips to clean your local cave!


Mock Rescue

Ever wonder what to do when you’re in a rescue situation? This training focuses on practicing mock rescue situations that could potentially make you a hero. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


New Member Sessions

New to the grotto? Not sure what is going on or what trips to go to? Wondering who to talk to? This would be a session geared for new members looking to get underground asap and see cool stuff!

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