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Exciting News!
The Western Cave Conservancy is acquiring 150 acres of property near Volcano, CA, containing over 10 named caves (including Santa Claus, also known as Pearl, Mushroom, Lulu Bell, and Connie’s), plus acres of karst with sinks, holes and flowstone fragments which whisper of caves yet to be found. This rare opportunity to purchase a large chunk of karst land was made possible thanks to several large pledges from generous donors and money willed to the WCC from the estate of Bill Papke. This purchase will guarantee the preservation and conservation of these wonderful caves for years to come and continue to ensure that cavers can enjoy responsible access to them.
We anticipate that the deal will be closed by Thanksgiving. In the short term, access to these caves will be made available on a basis very similar to Rippled Cave, with no-hassle availability for established caving groups. (Visitation and management plans will be refined over the next 6-12 months; the WCC eagerly welcomes input to these plans.)
The WCC needs to raise $200,000 to cover the loan for this purchase. Please help support the WCC in this endeavor through a tax deductible donation. Just $100 a year for the next 3 years will help the WCC retire the $200k loan with minimal interest.
You can donate in one of two ways:
– The easiest way is just to visit our website at “westerncaves.org”; right there on the home page we have made it simple to make your donation.
– Or, you can write a personal check, made out to the Western Cave Conservancy and send it to P.O. Box 230, Newcastle, CA 95658
Please consider helping us preserve this area permanently for the enjoyment of cavers and the preservation of the unique cave resources that are present on this property. All contributions, in any amount, large or small, will help immensely.
If you’d like to receive future updates and stay informed with our work, please visit our website (www.westerncaves.org) periodically or sign up for our email list ( www.westerncaves.org/western-cave-conservancy-announce-group/).
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