Vertical practice — NOT today 1/2, but this coming week 1/9


Well, given that I’m still in Mexico I won’t be able to lead a vertical
practice today, but for this month only we will move it one week, so
please join us on 9 January for our very first, brand new, just out of
the box 2018 Vertical Practice (Improved! Our best vertical practice ever!).

Our kind hosts will be Peri and Bill Frantz. You can arrive anytime
after 6:30 pm, we will have some dinner and immediately after we will
climb their trees to keep working on losing those extra holiday calories.

Dinner is “modified potluck style,” where you bring your own main dish
and also bring a small appetizer, side dish or dessert to share. We will
have a grill for your food, in case you need to heat up or cook your dinner.

Please bring a helmet and a headlamp, and a jacket, since we will be
practicing outdoors if weather permits. If you don’t have yet a helmet
or headlamp, we will have a couple of extras. And, you do have a jacket,
don’t you? I mean, if not, wow. Bring your vertical gear
if you have it, and if not, we will also have a couple of extras for you.

The address of the Frantz Vertical Caving Center is:

16345 Englewood Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95032